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Belgium Loan Finance, an organization specialising in consumer personal credit, offers you a range of attractive rate loans to help you finance all your projects: works, decoration, car or personal, as well as a range of complementary insurance.

To be a partner company is to accompany its customers in every moment of their lives and to offer them the highest quality. It is to ensure clear and quick answers to each request. It means having a team of real credit specialists, constantly trained. To be a responsible credit company also means accepting the strictest controls. Loan Finance is committed to this.

We are committed to your side

We advise you to instantly meet your financing needs and find solutions for every moment of life:

  • Quickly make a much-needed purchase a reality;
  • Choose a higher-end product;
  • Combine multiple purchases without waiting;
  • Dealing with the unexpected;

You also benefit from personalized and daily monitoring and our advisors can take stock of your situation at any time to adjust and adapt your credits:

  • Accelerate or take a break from refunds;
  • Rescheduling monthly payments;
  • Grouping together multiple credits;
  • Redesign or re-adapt each situation

In addition, if you are already our customer, you can benefit from special offers reserved exclusively for you. All these services are available live and permanently via the internet.

Offer of credits and loans

The personal credit for the realization of your projects is a personal loan for consumption. It allows you to have a sum ranging from 50.000 € to 150 000 € (according to the selected project) to finance your personal projects (Auto, Works, Leisure) Simple and without any obligation of personal contribution, you choose the amount and the duration of your loan most adapted to your budget.

To finance the purchase of a vehicle it is better to opt for car loan. In addition to the greater financial possibilities, you will have the opportunity to legally link the start of the loan repayment and the delivery of the vehicle. However, it is common for a more or less long delay between the signing at the dealership and the actual delivery of the car or motorcycle. With a car credit, the repayment of your car credit does not begin until it is delivered.

The work loan is primarily aimed at both landlords and tenants who wish to undertake work. For homeowners, it is possible to take out a work credit for both a main home and a second home. The usefulness of a work credit is very simple: you can at any time make the improvements and improvements you dream of in your home, or your apartment, by borrowing the corresponding amount from a bank or financial agency.